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[EU][LFM]Tue&Wed, Quaggan Killsquad Raid Static

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Greetings and salutations!

We require additional quaggans for our killsquad. We have cleared nine of the CM bosses so far, and slowly but surely progressing further.

Schedule: Tuesday & Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00 CET


  • To be available on comms
  • Good understanding of your class
  • Experienced on all raids, preferably with CM kills
  • DPS players will need to know how to do conventional DPS tasks, such as slublings, Sabetha cannons and Qadim pylons.
  • The more special roles you can do, the better - lamps, kiters, pushers etc are always welcome. We do our best to avoid locking people into roles, so you're encouraged to be flexible!
  • Also, make sure to have both power and condi flavours of DPS, also for boon support.

If you're nice, chill and reliable, this is the space for you!


Luzhana.4870 ingame or raine_luzhana on Discord. Don't poke me here, I won't see it. See you in the Aerodrome!

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