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Any chance for CD soundtracks?

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I own the soundtracks of Guild Wars Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall and GW2 but after that I haven't seen any soundtrack CD's from ArenaNet. Not in collector's editions and not as separate sales.

There have been some beautiful soundtrack releases on Vinyl but I don't have a record player and sound quality of vinyl is a step back from the digital perfection of uncompressed CD audio. So I skipped on them. I like CD's as physical collectible medium and if the price is reasonable I would love to buy a CD collection for:

GW: Eye of the North
GW2: Heart of Thorns
GW2: Path of Fire
GW2: End of Dragons
GW2: Secrets of the Obscure
GW2 Living World Seasons 1-4

For those who missed the collector's editions, a re-release of these CD soundtracks would be nice as well
GW: Prophecies
GW: Factions
GW: Nightfall
GW2: Core game (Even many who bought the collector's Edition were unable to get their CD's because of problems with the signed CD copies from DirectSong)

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