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Situational Awareness

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A lot of failure to succeed and failure to see and reacted to threats come from a lack of situational awareness. We have our screens, which have sources of data that can allow us to make decisions on how to proceed. 

1. The game being presented based on graphics and field of view, should be fully zoomed out, not admiring your character, but looking at your entire environment.

2. Your minimap. You can see all team icons, and some of enemy icons based on who can see them, educated guesses can be made based on who you see and where.

3. The scrolling info beside the bouncy chests. Thief takes x damage, Mesmer gets 💀 by thief....ect. A bit of clues can be gained from here about fights you might not be in.

4. Game sound. If you have the ability to hear, there are clues. Turn off music or lose out on clues.


Here is an example:

Opening fight at mid, you notice a mes or thief on other team, and as you approach the point, you don't see anyone of the enemy force. Chances are they are going for a stealth nuke. Don't be the nuked, run away back towards your base, or towards allies, don't stand on the point.

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