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Okay...I've been gone for a bit....

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There will be smaller expansions going forward, yes.  There has been no mention of raids, so ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯. Strikes seem preferred at the moment since they're usually shorter and more accessible for the more relaxed community of GW2.  

Dailies have changed a bit...you now have the Wizard's Vault.  It contains dailies which you may select PvE, PvP, WvW, or a mixture.  It also has weeklies and specials that go longer.  You have more control over your rewards.  

Browse through the forums for topics we well as YouTube for videos on changes.  And welcome back!  

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Mini paid expansions are roughly every year, broken up into 4 parts every quarter. The sum of which appears to be about the size of Icebrood Saga

The current one starts with the main story and two maps, plus the main masteries and open world rifts and two strikes.

The next patch brings part 1/3 of the third map with story and instanced rift content and challenge mote for a strike

We get another third of a map, plus story as we go on until the final patch. A bit more masteries, Extra weapons for classes, more challenge modes, more rift bosses

Then next expansion with presumably a similar cycle. No mention of raids yet. We should be getting sporadic fractals if memory serves. 

Meanwhile wvw alliances is definitely, absolutely, without question, unabashedly, positively coming soon. Maybe.

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