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More stuff we need for pets (since looks like it's an option now)


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This is mostly mechanical and mechanical adjacent stuff, to go with numbers and scaling we will get.

  • Moving pets down the AoE target priority. This lowers the damage the pets take in larger scale battles and disposition caused my all kinds of CC, without causing the players to get pseudo DR.
  • Fix the skill queue to make pets more responsive to player control and AI stutters.
  • Improve pet positioning during attack, by allowing to move towards the target during all auto attacks and no/short cast skills.
  • Look into the bug that happens every time new pets are added, causing the AI freeze. (it's seriously weird that it happened again with void stalker after EoD was fixed)
  • Reduce the pet rubber banding when moving outside of combat, so the pets don't suddenly rush in a certain direction.
  • Update traits/sigils/relics to allow the pet to apply them.
  • Improve boons and healing received from other players in a way that allows pets to be healer/boon'ed when there is a target cap. (possibly by adding updated Fortifying Bond to base)
  • Move beastmastery movement speed to base.
  • Overall AI improvements like pathfinding, delays, skill rules (like the new devourer hp rule on burrow).
  • Pet AI customization in the pet window. Stuff like choosing skill rules, max range before pet comes back, making the pet go back/turn passive/swap when under hp treshhold.
  • Apply Stealth to the pet (even when dead), whenever ranger receives stealth from other players.
  • Allow the pet to stay stowed, when entering combat. The pet can be unstowed any time, but can't be stowed again in combat.
  • Make the pet UI visible when the player is downed.
  • Add something to show pet skill cooldowns for core, druid and soulbeast.
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