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Underwater/Drowning skills Issues

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1) the Drowning skill [Buoy] lock you in place after using it even when you fail to reach the water surface
2) when the skill "[Detonate Supply Crate Turrets] (underwater)" is used it also detonates all the other eventually deployed underwater turrets (Rifle Turret, Net Turret and Rocket Turret)
3) the skill "[Detonate Rocket Turret] (underwater)" doesn't damage the mobs or apply vulnerability, also it seems it doesn't count as an "explosion" as it says in the tooltip even when used with the "Explosives" traitline
4) the trait Power Wrench in the "Tools" traitline doesn't work underwater
5) the skill [Plague of Darkness] from the "[Elixir X] (underwater)" Plague transformation doesn't apply Torment as indicated in the tooltip

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