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It's time to implement 24/7 Arena because Conquest is trash

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15 hours ago, Deadmoose.6594 said:

I love logging in for the few hours that I get a night, only to lose over and over again and not even fill one bar in a rewards chest. That's my idea of fun. Thanks Anet!

If only anet didn't remove 5v5 and people didn't have to choose what friends to.play ranked with

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16 hours ago, Deadmoose.6594 said:

Please upvote this if you're in favor of it. I'm really tired of Conquest being the only pvp option. There's literally 0 reason for it. The least the devs could do is give us ranked Arena 24/7, literally the LEAST they could do.

Your posts are starting to sound like that of an actual vet. Welcome brother. We are all over here in the graveyard that was once SPvP only guilds, 5 man ques, hot join servers, unranked rewards that used to reward pvp skins that actually mattered, and the old HOTM that looked like Valhalla. 

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I wish we had a mode like how SWTOR, WoW, and FF. 10 v 10 and you get points by either taking objectives or farming the opposite team enough times. SWTOR's version was pure objectives, but you would still get the adrenaline rush of going in with a tank if you were a healer and laying down some serious CC and light dps skills while your tank 1v5s to possibly win/ Or in FF you can be with your fellow Black Mage, rev up a big asz AOE spell, and kill a group of 10 with only you two. Or WoW where you push the cart, but then scattered across the arena there's small skirmishes where you run into these awesome 3v3 scenarios while sneaking across the fields to snipe the squishy or two you know you can one combo.

They are simple and repetitive by design, but they WORK. They promote FUN. Conquest is literally the worst part of all of those modes.

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