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Seemly Random Ping spikes

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For the most part when I play the game my pink is a pretty average ~100, Lately though since relinks (not sure if this affects anything outside of WvW) I have had times when I log on and have an average of 500-800 ping that will last for a while making the game unplayable. It sometimes last about an hour or so. 

I will often have other things running like Hulu, Spotify, YouTube, discord, can brows the internet, on same or different device and have opened other games such as League of legends (Ping is 40MS) and have no problems on any of them.  Any Ideas for a fix?

Edit, I tested GW1 so it seems to arena net servers specifically.

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I have the same problem right now. But on open world maps, not WvW.

On an empty Silverwastes map I was getting 5000 ping, Gendarren Fields, Divinity's Reach and Black Citadel was 500+ but Plains of Ashord and Sparkfly Fen were my normal (for NZ) 230 ping.

It's been like this for a few days. I am limited to playing on maps with good ping.

Sad days.

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I started having this issue also since 1 week. during the day, WVW works like sky rocket even with 2 enemy blobs around. at prime, I get ping spikes of 500 alone in spawn.

ISP didnt find anything on their side, Anet also nothing on their side. I just hope this is not a new feature and will go away/ get solved soon

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