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WvW - Boon Virtuoso build


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I'm back at it again with another boon-pumping roaming monster mesmer build. The build itself remains the same when utilizing different weapon sets and I no longer run inspiration like I do with my chronomancer builds. Here are the builds in question:
I've spent the last week trying out different utilities and have come to the conclusion that these utility skills work the best for an all-around general gameplay:
Heal Skills:
Twin Blade Restoration - Pretty decent heal with condition removal and additional source of aegis/vigor. I run this 99.9% of the time.
Utility Skills:
Mantra of Concentration - This provides you with 2x stunbreaks on a 20 sec CD when consuming the last charge. I always keep this fully-charged so I have the stunbreaks when I need it. You can use it for stomps or to cover your heal/mantra of resolve/moa sig or mass invis casts.
Mantra of Resolve - I've tried Arcane Thievery but it's just not a good skill, especially since it's very buggy on a moving target (I.E. they're moving behind you and the cast cancels sending it on a 4 second CD). Depending on what kind of other roamers I see throughout a session I usually keep this charged. If I find that there aren't as many condi-builds out on the field I will keep this uncharged or change it but I run this 95% of the time just in case.
(Decent) Utility Skills:
Blade Renewal - Most other virtuoso builds use this for the invul but because I don't take inspiration anymore I need the condi cleanse that resolve provides and I have so much access to blocks via aegis/weapon skills.
Elite Skills:
Signet of Humility - With the amount of CC that you encounter from other classes this one has become a staple elite that I use. It also helps when you're fighting outnumbered and you can CC the more dangerous opponent while you burst the weaker one.
Mass Invisibility - My underwater elite. I use this to escape people underwater.
Here is a video demonstrating this build in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbZrCwznHx8
Feel free to ask me any questions! Cheers - kovi
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On the elite utility, both signet and mass invis are great options.   The passive on signet is amazing, It’s a one of a kind skill that unless you use it give you reduced cc I think like by 15%.   Fighting warriors engi or ele, this will save you.   If you are playing more competitive mass invis gives you the the perfect opening for landing your burst.   I have been using mass invis mostly because I play competitive and getting the opening will let you cripple your opponent or basically one shot them with f1.

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