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Need help with computer Hardware please

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Hello, I don't really understand computer hardware, and I wanted to ask if someone could maybe help me.

For those who understand, currently on the highest settings in game, the FPS runs around 30-40 (for example when i stand at Divinity's Reach) , and in the largest battles like in WvW with 200+ players the FPS drops down to 10-20 and the game barely runs..

I have two questions on this matter:

1. What is the best graphics card that currently exists that is compatible with my motherboard, and how much will it help to improve performance?
2. What do I need to upgrade if I want the game to run smoothly on the highest settings in the largest battles with 100-200+ players, achieving at least 100 FPS?

my video card is: 'Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080'
and i added link to pic with some information about my pc with the Motherboard, hope it helps.


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You have good hardware.

Unfortunately the answer comes down to: Turn your graphics settings down when you play WvW.  It's not your GPU.  It's stuffing 100+ individual character models into the game's rendering pipeline.

At minimum turn "Character Model Quality" to Low, turn off High-Res Character Textures, etc.

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The setting to turn down for 100+ player modes: Character Model Limit (low...not lowest). That should be enough to gain FPS enough. If you still need to do more, then turn down the model quality to low as well.
Certain events, like Ley Line for example, will lag no matter what your FPS is. That's because of the high number of packet being sent to and from the server from all players in the area, which results in server lag. There isn't anything you can do about that.

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1 hour ago, Old Gamer.1462 said:

The setting to turn down for 100+ player modes: Character Model Limit (low...not lowest).

It can be either.  In most PvE cases, you do not need everyone rendered because other players, like in LLA, don't matter.  In WvW though you want as many to render as possible because  you want to see who is hitting you.  So you turn down the Model Quality and turn off high-res character models first.  Also can use Standard Models option.

On my 1080 Ti, I have mine set to Limit: High, Quality: Low and get around 40-60 FPS in large WvW battles.

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