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Daily Participate in Kryptis Rift Event only recognized in Skywatch Archipelago

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The Daily "Participate in 1 Kryptis Rift Event" was not recognized in Wizards Vault after completing Tier 1 rifts in either Sparkfly Fen or Sandswept Isles. Although I did do rifts earlier this week in Sparkfly, I have never done them before in Sandswept.

Only by completing a Tier 1 rift in Skywatch was the daily achievement recognized in Wizards Vault.



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I assume that Amnytas would work, too. Apparently non-SotO maps have this issue at the moment. Completing Tier 3 Rift Hunts on non-SotO maps, e. g. Sandswept Isles, also might not progress the Vault Special task to "Complete 15 Tier 3 Rift Hunts". At least they did not for me, though the Commander using the Motivations claimed that they were making progress.  

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