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Conceited Curate Suggestion (Heal Willbender Suggestion)


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I know Heal Willbender is non-existent and this specialization isn't meant to be a primary Healer. But it would be cool to have the option to Heal Alac my allies as a Willbender. Would it be super niche? Yes. Would it be very good? Don't know. But my suggestion is to make  the current Conceited Curate  also apply to allies whenever they stand on the Willbender Flames.

To really spice up this trait and give it identity, it could decrease the damage your Willbender Flame's damage by -99% BUT with the upside that your F1, F2 and F3 have bigger radiuses. F1 would be longer in length, F2 would send you the same distance (450 range) but the Flames are extended to a range of 900 and your F3 has an outer circle that extends beyond the current circle. 


Tell me your thoughts! 

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