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LW Season 2 - Joining Instance as a Group? (Arcane Obscura)

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Is it possible for Arcane Obscura to be played as a group?  I have partied up with friends and attempted to enter the story instance, but all the members of the squad end up in a separate instance.
We even made sure we were all set with the chapter as our active story, but the other members did not get an invite and when joining themselves, all ended up in our own instance.

Most info about Season 2 is pretty old these days so it's hard to understand if you are even supposed to be able to group up. My understanding is it should let you. Anyone know what may be going wrong here? Is this a bug? Are you not allowed to play through Season 2 instance content as a group?

Any help is appreciated!

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Figure it out, but leaving this here in case someone else one day googles this and needs to know.

The people trying to help me hadn't played through on their current characters and I was doing the replay for achievements. If you are doing the replay, everyone needs to have done it at least once as well on the characters to be able to join. They'll know if they are good to go if the marker is purple instead of green.

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