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Mad King Gift...can someone help? Might have a bug but not sure

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Returning player form 2017. I've already sent a ticket and the response I got was to submit another ticket and didn't get any answer to my question.

When I completed the Eve of the Mad King the first time this year, I didn't have the Gift of the Mad King as a reward. From the guides I saw, you get one every time you complete the daily 5 times. I completed it 4 times ( shows in the reward panel 4/5) and only have 3 gifts. I didn't delete any of them, all 3 are in my bank. I assume deleting such an item requires you to type the name out, unless that was removed over the years.

When I saw a guide the day the event started on 10/17 and they mentioned the Gift as the reward, I even looked at my achievement for the event to follow the chain of completions and it i could have worn it showed something different in the achievement pane for the Eve achievement for the 1st completion. I remember even checking after it was done and not getting a Mad King Gift . Even then I was like " where is the Mad King Gift, it's not showing". I think it was some other chest, maybe a Mad King Chest, Shadow Greaves Box, etc? I haven't opened those yet due to space if the 1st gift is contained within a chest.

After the first completion of Eve of the Mad King for the first time this year, I then started to get them as a reward and the gift itself was in the achievement panel. Is this the way it's supposed to be? The max you can get is 4 and not 5? People in game said you are to receive a gift each time you complete it

I did get one gift way way back as I was a pre-order player at the time and used it to get a greatsword for my Norn Warrior and that's in my inventory. So far I have 3 Gifts only earned from this year out of 4 completions.

Thanks in avance

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1 hour ago, Grandizer.6278 said:

you get one every time you complete the daily 5 times. I completed it 4 times ( shows in the reward panel 4/5) and only have 3 gifts

Right, and that means you have one more block of dailies to finish (80%) before completing it and getting the next Mad King's Gift.

You can complete it as many times as you like during the event:

  • Complete three of the five Halloween Dailies for one day's completion of Halloween Fright.
  • Do that for five days, and you get one box. So it adds up to 15 Halloween dailies per gift.

Over a 3-week (21 day) event, you should be able to earn 4 total boxes if you do the above every day of the festival (you can miss one day). You need one more day's worth of doing 3 daily events.

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