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The New Skyscale would be so much more enjoyable if mount keybindings were actually good.

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If you don't know what I am talking about, its the fact that mounts, regardless of how many abilities they have, only have 2 bind-able ability keys. The rest function based off your player weapon bindings. If you are a player who uses unique bindings in combination with your mouse buttons, you might find this causes hellish conflicts between the skills that you can bind and the ones that are dictated by weapon bindings, rendering half your mount skills un-usable without physically clicking the icon with your mouse. Not only that, but mount abilities functions aren't even all that consistent across the mounts that do have the same number of skills.

Please. Find somewhere in the schedule to un-scuff mount keybinding customization. I beg you.
Best mounts in the MMO genre, but worst bindings for them of any genre...

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33 minutes ago, kharmin.7683 said:

I have all 8 of my mounts bound to keys. I'm not sure what this is about?

Reading the post and not just the title would probably go a long way in resolving your confusion... 🤔
Quite literally the first sentence.

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I think the main reason it works for me in spite of my weird keybindings is that on most of the mounts you can activate their ability with the jump button, and the ones with a second ability it's something I only use at specific times when moving my hand to a different part of the keyboard isn't a problem.

I'm left-handed so I have all the skills on the number pad, and jump bound to \ and right ctrl. (I mainly use the arrow keys, or the mouse, to move, but I still have W,A,S,D bound for movement, with turn on Q and E so I sometimes use that and jump when I want precise control.) The two bindable mount skills are on A and E.

The raptor, springer, jackal, turtle and warclaw only have 1 ability in addition to their attack skill, and all of them can be activated using the jump button, which is the button I use. The skimmer, griffon, rollerbeetle and skyscale all have 2 abilities but they're strictly movement related, so when I'm using them I most likely have auto-run on, so I can steer just using the mouse and moving my right hand isn't a problem. For example when I'm doing griffon or rollerbeetle races I'll have my right hand on \, A and E because those are the only keys I need.

It might not be ideal, but it works well enough that the only time I've thought about it is when I first picked A and E for the two bindable skills, when I started doing griffon races. Since then I just use it without really thinking about it.

2 hours ago, Randulf.7614 said:

Whilst I'm long since used to it and have muscle memory built in for the skills, the mount ability implementation does feel awkward. I do wonder how these things don't get picked up in during design and testing

I assume at least some people at Anet use the default keybinds, because if even they don't like them I'm not sure why they'd be the default.

Other than that my guess is they've found a layout that works for them and maybe don't realise that's not the case for everyone.

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Mounts and vehicles conflicting with custom key binds has been an issue for a while. IMO, the best solution is to have mounts/vehicles use the same hot keys as the weapon skill slots they’re on. For example, Skyscale’s dash should just use hot key 5 since it’s in weapon skill slot 5. Just as important, let us place mount/vehicle skills on slots we want (like utility skills). Using key 5 for Skyscale’s dash is clunky. I’d love to be able to move Skyscale’s dash to slot 2 and descend to slot 3 so I can use keys 2 and 3 to dash and descend, respectively. I’d rather slot Skyscale’s fireball into slot 4 (since it’s a niche skill I rarely use) and use key 4 for fireball.

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I use a Logitech G600 MMO mouse and have the side keys bound to skills 1-10. The mount skills by default were 1 and 2 and this cause a problem with the skyscale fireball. I had to re-bind these to buttons 3 and 4. Took a while to get used to but it worked for me.

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