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"Restorative Strikes" from the Untamed spec.


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Could you please make it so that "Restorative Strikes" only activates when unleashing the ranger and not the pet?

As it is now, I unleash my ranger and immediately back out of fear of activating "Restorative Strikes" when unleashing the pet. This happens when the ranger has been unleashed for too long.

If "Restorative Strikes" starts activating when I'm unleashing the pet, it will stop activating when I'm unleashing the ranger and have "Unleashed Ambush".

This is a problem since I can only heal from "Restorative Strikes" by dealing damage with my ranger.

This change would make it so that I'd be free to juggle between unleashing my pet and ranger whenever and however long I needed to. I think this is how you wanted people to play the spec.



The problem I'm describing above is not an issue when I never switch from hammer, since there's never a reason to unleash the ranger for that long when only using hammer. Given the low cooldown of unleashed pet skills and the ability to swap pets, I always have something to press regardless.

Maybe the developers didn't want this spec to have the need to switch weapons constantly.

Also, having the pet unleashed most of the time is better with the build I'm using: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POQAIllyUZrMWmLOeXqRVA-DSJYzRBPAA-e

So I guess everything's fine. Never mind.



Yea... it still happens sometimes that "Restorative Strikes" activates when I unleash my pet instead of when I'm unleashing the ranger. Very annoying. There is simply no reason this should happen.

What if the boss I'm fighting is defiant and I want to keep my ranger unleashed? I Can't do that without losing the heal from "Restorative Strikes" since it would now activate when unleashing the pet.

Change the trait so that it only activates when unleashing the ranger, keep the 10 seconds cooldown so it's not overpowered.

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I don't see the point of the change, since the trait itself is just meh and I don't see the reason to play it at all.
In PvE you don't need healing (except maybe in OW) and in PvP/WvW the healing is negligible, since 2s of DPS on players every 9s amounts to nothing.

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That's what you get for tying up so many things especially core ones like AA to a single button mechanic.

You do not even have any indication when anything is up for example Cleansing Unleash, go figure when it's up.

And for the love of god give us the ambush skill in a special key or something, I don't always want to waste my ambush skill out of the blue because I want to cleave a target with AA... 🤷‍♂️

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