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[Not a bug] Relics achievement

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From the patch notes -

  • Added three collection achievements for relics.

For the Relics—Secrets of the Obscure Set 1 achievement, players can load into Lion's Arch or any Secrets of the Obscure map to retroactively check for progress.

To the OP do the collections update if you go to Lions Arch or any of the SoTO maps?

UPDATE - to answer my own question that I posed to the OP, I logged into Lions Arch. Like the OP I salvaged most of the rarer relics obtained through achievments in SoTO. When I entered Lions Arch the ones I had obtained updated in the collection "Relics - Secrets of the Obscure Set 1" - that is all of them apart from the Relic of the Fractal, which was soulbound to another character and in my bank. I had to log into that character, retrieve it from the bank then equip it before it registered in this collection.

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