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Client Crashing in Dragonstorm

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I can confirm that at least no rewards are lost. I could still hear it, so I knew when the rewards were given, then restarted. The bouncy chest was waiting and re-entering took me to the same instance where I was able to loot the chest.

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Bumping this up too, absolutely happened, second day in a row. I got lucky yesterday and my loot was waiting for me after reload, not sure tonight yet, but this is reproducible and has happened to me 100% of the time so far.

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Just went to do SOTO on another character, first time you go to Temple of Febe in story triggered it too, exact same crash source.

Since this is the same thing every time I guess I'll toss this in here, I've sent at least 4 crash reports in now at this point, I hope they're going to fix this I can't even progress on a character now.

*--> Crash <--*
Assertion: MathRectIsValid(*margins)
File: D:\Perforce\Live\NAEU\v2\Code\Gw2\Engine\Frame\FrApi.cpp(474)
App: Gw2-64.exe
Pid: 14564
BaseAddr: 00007FF766580000
ProgramId: 101
Build: 154109

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22 hours ago, TheBossVeigar.1306 said:

Same. Every time the first cutscene happens (When Jormag and Primordus show up) my game crashes. Its quite irritating. Happened after the recent update too.

Just thought I'd update as the OP. Last night's Dragonstorm after the reset and patch worked as normal for me. And I should have stated in the original post, but I am not running any mods for GW2.

Don't lose hope my friends.

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