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Why can't we just buy the elite specs instead of entire xpac

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I only play wvw and spvp, 

Feels like a waste to throw 50$ at an xpac just for a new spec, this wasn't a huge deal when EoD dropped as i could get by with just Hot and PoF and would wait for when EoD would be available to buy with gems to buy it.

But now secrets is messing all of that up by throwing new weapons and changing how all the previous specs were played, making the playability and competitiveness of player vs player more pay to win than ever. why not do what you did in GW1 and allow us to just buy the specs?? I don't want the pve, or the story, not interested, i just want to continue to be competitive in my played game modes. 


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because its more than just spec and weapons that they introduce, Newer runes and eventually newer relics. New stat combinations that were not release or available. Newer legendary weapons, newer track unlocks when you WVW or SPVP, the list can go on. Overall if you really don't want to spend the money for the newest xpac, just wait for it when it goes on sale or gets a bundled deal with the other xpac which eventually happens.

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