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Can you gift an expansion to a friend?

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When you buy an expansion, you're sent an email with the serial key to apply the expansion to an account. You can just forward that email to your friend, and they can use the code themselves on their own account. 

Note: You can't do this via the gem store. You'd have to buy it from the GW2 website or a retailer to do it that way. And if your friend uses Steam to play GW2, they'll need the expansion to be bought from Steam.

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just a small addition.
Make sure the gift has a note on it that explicitly tells you are gifting this to the reciepient.  (e.g. if you forward the mail with the code, make sure it says you are giving this friend the game for them to use and own. or when doing it giftwrapped add a note saying that

If your friend ever gets into issues (e.g. being hacked) this can be used to resolve any ownership disputes. In case an ownership dispute arises and can not be resolved, the account can be permanent suspended. 

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