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AA cap

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Just now, DeanBB.4268 said:

So what's the point of the 1300 cap?

I guess it's to stop people building up huge amounts of AA, purchasing everything on day one of a new Season and then complaining that there's nothing to buy in the AA store. Basically to prevent it turning into another Karma.


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Probably has to do with the most expensive thing in the Vault is now 1200 AA, the mount skin in the Legacy tab, so there isn't much wiggle room between 1200 and 1300 AA without going over, especially if you have a Weekly chest or a Special tab mission that you're finishing just to get that item.

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It is probably related to the bug we recently saw in the bug forums? (Network error when trying to collect and you would have gotten above the cap.)
Might save server load if the server does not have to calculate this on many places and can just check "above cap" or "below/at cap". Then letting you claim the reward. Would be nice to play around to be able to claim a last weekly big when just being below the cap - before season change.

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