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Well-Versed Achievement - Items for #7 and #8 missing from world

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Across different toons, different map IPs, the world items to complete the Well-Versed achievement are missing for me.

See https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Well-Versed for reference for where it should be.

What I see: https://imgur.com/a/fSLdRPu

For #7 Outside the Lost Altar, even if the prior escort achievement and Wanderer event have been completed - item is still not there.

For #8 A Perfect view of the Southern extractor, you can see both Lomaire and the Astral Ward Protector like on the wiki, except I see no item on the ground.

Walking around the area where the item should be and spamming my F-button to interact results in nothing happening. I don't think other people are running into this issue which is concerning. Please help! 

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