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Can we get a new icon for either the gift of the battle or the gift of craftsmanship?

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Was crafting legendary armor last week and accidently made a gift of war prosperity instead of a gift of prosperity. The two recipes are almost identical except for which gift they use except  the two icons are exactly the same. So in the mystic forge both recipes look identical despite making separate results. Support was kind enough to fix the issue for me but looking through posts I see others have had this mistake happen as well. If the either the gift of craftsmanship or the gift of battle used a separate icon this mistake would be less prevalent and require less people  needing to create a support ticket for the mistake. There is also the option of adding a vendor that allows the gift of prosperity or gift of war prosperity to be broken back down into their individual parts. 

A visible discrepancy between the two icons would make this mistake less likely to occur.

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