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Content Guide/Daily Wizard's Vault Objectives Shown when shouldn't be, not when should

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Since the last update, the Daily Wizard's Vault Objectives are shown at the top right of the screen in the opposite manor that they should be. They are shown when they shouldn't be (or perhaps when it's not as relevant) and not shown when they should be.

When logging in for the first time today, all 5 objectives were already shown with the 'Log In' objective showing 100% complete.

Accepting the reward for the 'Log In' objective causes the entire 'Daily Wizard's Vault Objectives' section at the top of the screen to disappear. It doesn't reappear until the overall daily reward is accepted, then the final uncompleted objective is shown again.


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I'm also experiencing this. Wizard's Vault objectives are not being shown unless I manually select to track each one, even with no achievements tracked or anything else that could stop them from showing.

Bonus bug: The hover tooltip for the daily "meta-reward" for Wizard's Vault still says it gives 30 Astral Acclaim despite it actually giving 20 now.

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After the update(s) yesterday, the guide is now simply never shown. Not an improvement! LOL

edit: The daily wizard vault objects will finally show up once you accept the reward for completing 4 dailies, assuming you haven't done the 5th yet.

another edit: It's now disappeared after completing a weekly. I don't think there's really any logic to when it's shown or not!

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Just confirming almost 2 weeks since it started, this is still a problem.
Can we at least get some ANET confirmation as to whether this bug has been noted?

Usually after a major update, at least since around the SoTo release, there's like... 3-4 bugfix patches over the following week or two, but I feel like this update had almost none? What's going on?

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