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Not acquiring Inner Nayos: Hero's Choice Chest

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First time, no chest. Yesterday i got 2 chests first time. Sounds like a bug, isn't it?!

On 11/9/2023 at 4:06 PM, SandraSolace.7682 said:

Cause in the last patch they fixed it to once a day.

Can't find that patch note. Which one was it?

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I did it after daily reset and didn't get the chest either. Really wanted to start stocking up on clots.

Is it possible when they fixed it they put it in the "every 24 hours" lane, like a rich node, vs the "resets at daily" lane?

Update: DEU. I forgot I started a stack in a way-way down bag next to the choice chests from Archie pe Legos and Amytas chests to save them up. I wasn't seeing I was getting them because they were stacking in a way down bag. I have 6. Nevermind. 

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