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Ten years ago, ANet developers made a smart system of dialogues that could be consumed by story enthusiasts and kipped by those are bored from long dialogues.
I'm asking here for the love of god, why did they abandon this system and are forcing everyone to shuffle YT videos instead of playing the game!?

I hope one day they will rework all the new stories, so i can get throug that boring wall, engaging stories with secondary characters and maybe trying to get achievements...

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On 11/9/2023 at 12:29 PM, Avatar.3568 said:

Probably its more to Work instead of letting them Just talk

I really hope that is not the reason, i feel they are putting substantial effort in this game lately.
It must be a design choice, but i really don't like it 😞

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I don't know what needs to be done to resolve this, but I'm certain a mountain of spaghetti needs to be untangled to do so in a satisfying way.


I just want to voice my concern though - every time a new story piece comes along I see threads here and on Reddit asking for dialogue skip options. I'm all for it, but I don't want those to be implemented at the cost of those of us who actually enjoy the dialogue losing out on that piece of the story. (Yes I understand that you have lost this after changing how the story is delivered in core. Letting the pendulum swing all the other way doesn't solve the problem without creating a new one.)


Ultimately a solution satisfying to all sorts of story players can be implemented some day.

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Old dialogue scenes were skippable since they didn't take up actual space in the map. They were however such a development time sink that they slowed down content development. The way conversations are now is more immersive, but cannot be skipped since they are tied to character placement and npc movement.

The only thing I can see how they can let us skip dialogue like this is if they made a skip dialogue option to go right into the events, but that won't work if npcs need to be in a specific spot for the encounters. That only increase the work load to make both versions of an interaction bug free. We all know that events go unfixed for many years even with a single implementation.


I'll take how things are now over having to wait twice as long for content to be released.

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