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[Bug][UI][Icons][Guild Roster] Some Old "Last Logged In" Guild Members Have Pink Placeholder Icons in Crafting Columns for Level 0 Professions

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Context: Went into Guild Roster yesterday and saw a few guild folks had this pink icon that I'm assuming is meant to be placeholder. These were occurring on rows of folks who haven't logged in for 7 months for two of them, and 3 weeks for the last one. 

Attempted to repro with a newer alt, and swapping professions around. Professions at 0 did not display anything (i.e. it was blank) except for Leatherworker and Chef which displayed the correct icon with a value of 0. Noticed it's inconsistent since the other 4 players who haven't logged for awhile are blank completely.

So it seems like it's only affecting the rows of players who haven't logged in at least 3w+ with either crafting professions at level 0 or no crafting profession and even then, is inconsistent if it happens.

Pretty minor issue from my perspective though.

Date Noticed: 11/7/2023, but don't normally go into Guild Roster a lot, so bug may have been there for longer.

Repro Rate: N/A but had another guildmate verify he saw the same pink textures on the same players' rows.

Enclosed Image: https://imgur.com/a/AojmuS5

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