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About the seasonal achievements

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This is not about the reward tracks. Not about the seasonal (pip) reward track. It is about the seasonal achievements:

In the achievement window there is the category for the seasonal stuff. One overall achievement that tracks and gets triggert once each season for each of the 3 seasonal achievements (one for kills, one for matches played, one for wins). I'd love to have the 3 seasonal achievements removed or hidden (or set to a "retired" tab). Seems odd to have that part in the UI cluttered with unfinished ones. The ones I never touched so not seem to be visible at all. The finished ones: Fine - they are at the bottom.

But since I started to play less ... I have a lot of unfinished ones. 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 - I do not really bother anymore. Since I do not play deathmatch that much. Would require to much play instead of just 2-3 matches each day in that short time - to finish those. And with the daily rewards system changed I might even play less in the usual 5 vs 5 conquest. (Which I like. But with halloween recently and now the new content release I could not do my usual 3-4 matches each day that I usually play at season start - once the pip track is finished then still 1 match per day. Usually ... but I have enough mats for legendary PvP armor and could decide to play less. The overall achievement tracking the AP - for repeating the seasonal achievements - is also maxed already.)

Would love to have only the current season being tracked there in that tab.

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