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Adding new runes to PvP?

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Hey all.

We've been futzing with these new relics and runes for a couple months now.

Let's consider the idea of adding a bunch of runes back to PvP, just to further diversify things and provide some more options.

Notes: Specific boons and conditions being increased will scale as 4/6/10 like current runes. 2/3/5 for non-specific.


  • Rune of Fireworks
    • 175 Power/10% Boon Duration
  • Rune of Surging
    • 175 Power/5% Boon Duration/25% Movement Speed
  • Rune of the Pack
    • 175 Power/5% Boon Duration/125 Precision
  • Rune of the Privateer
    • 175 Power/10% Might Duration/125 Precision
  • Rune of the Ogre
    • 175 Power/100 Ferocity/125 Vitality
  • Rune of the Cavalier
    • 175 Power/100 Toughness/25% Movement Speed


  • Rune of Durability
    • 175 Toughness/5% Boon Duration/125 Vitality
  • Rune of Mercy
    • 175 Toughness/225 Healing Power
  • Rune of the Defender
    • 175 Toughness/100 Healing Power/125 Vitality
  • Rune of Snowfall (this one stands out imo)
    • 175 Toughness/100 Healing Power/25% Movement Speed


  • Rune of the Lich
    • 175 Vitality/10% Condition Duration

Condition Damage-main:

  • Rune of Perplexity
    • 175 Condition Damage/20% Confusion Duration
  • Rune of Tormenting
    • 175 Condition Damage/20% Torment Duration
  • Rune of Antitoxin
    • 175 Condition Damage/-15% Incoming Condition Duration/125 Vitality


  • Rune of the Golemancer
    • 300 Ferocity/100 Precision

Healing Power-main:

  • Rune of the Rebirth
    • 175 Healing Power/5% Boon Duration/125 Toughness
  • Rune of the Scourge
    • 300 Healing Power/100 Condition Damage
  • Rune of Nature's Bounty
    • 175 Healing Power/-25% Incoming Condition Duration

All Stats:

  • Rune of the Zephyrite (Not great, but sure).
    • 60 All Stats/5% Boon Duration
  • Rune of the Stars (Possibly strong)?
    • 36 All Stats/-30% Incoming Weakness Duration/-30% Chill/Cripple Duration/-10% Incoming Condition Damage


This won't inherently shake up the meta, but would just open up some other options for people- more customization, min-maxxing, etc.

Edited by Vinny.7260
Oops- Ferocity and Healing Power are different. :skull:
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