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[Bug] Greater Arcane Chest shows as opened and can't be looted

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I haven't stepped into Amnytas today before just now, and the Greater Arcane Chest on the map shows as already opened, so I can't open it.

Had the same issue on Inner Nayos yesterday on another character, all the Greater chests could not be interacted with and showed as already opened there too. Still the same there today too, they are already opened.

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I just test it. If u open Greater Arcane Chest near the rot (POI) form Inner Nayos map.

I cannot open any Greater Arcane Chest in Amnytas. and also If I open Amnytas 1st I cannot open chest in Inner Nayos.

Greater Arcane Chest also don't give Calcifued Gasps when loot too.


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