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Why can't we claim the Twitch Drops on iOS?

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We can watch and get progress on the drops but cannot actually claim them through iOS.

From what I understand, there is related a flag game developers use when creating a Twitch Drop:


iOS Based Reward: 


If this reward is associated with an item that can be used within an iOS app or game, this field must be toggled to ON.

This will hide the Drops campaign on iOS devices. However, viewers’ progress on iOS will still be tracked and they would be able to claim the reward on other platforms.


We get the "progress but no claim" experience detailed in the latter section, so it appears ArenaNET may have left this flag ON when creating the current drops.

This doesn't seem to make sense since the drops cannot "be used within an iOS app or game," and only hinders the Drop experience... Unless Guild Wars 2 was coming to iOS xD

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