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What are the new Decorations with "Through the Veil" First Major Update???

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What are the new decorations we are suppose to of gotten??

Oh i read this wrong --> "Many new rewards: minis, guild decorations, armor, weapons, infusions, and more!" so guild decs are rewards??? from where??? (You don't get them from twitch, you cant buy them from vendors, cant buy them with acclaim. seems like ZERO decs as rewards and only can be obtained from grinding inner nayos for map currencies aka NOT REWARDS!!! you still have to craft them yourself.)((shoulda replaced "rewards" with "items" to be more accurate))

After a quick partial scan i only noticed Kryptis Stairs came here to make my life easier finding them, guess i gotta check out the wiki dec page, since i see nothing here.

okay so after another quick look found a few more i see about 8 Kyrptis named things https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Decoration/Architecture

oh but all the decs need multiples of "Clot of Congealed Screams"  which you only can acquire from Inner Nayos: Hero's Choice Chest (choice) which can also be bought for 250 calcified gasp (just for reference i only have 35 of the Amnytas hero reward chests) and both the clots and gasps are account bound 😞 So clearly they don't want you to make too many of these decorations 😞 😞

  • Kryptis Stair
  • Kryptis Bush
  • Kryptis Door (tall and Wide)
  • Kryptis Goo Plane
  • Kryptis Pillar
  • Kryptis Platform
  • Kryptis Square
  • Kryptis Wall


honestly this feels like a minor update (self edit: probably cause i only care about a few things) and the things i like about gw2 isn't the direction they are going 😕

  • instanced convergences every 3 hours??? -yes it's like those other public/squad instanced things i guess, kinda wished it was open world though.
  • wiz vault doesn't seem like much of an update, the legendary box has 2 of the same possible weps in it as last time.
  • mastery track seems like filler
  • not a fan of story
  • Inner Nayos map seems tiny (someone in map chat said its only 1/3rd of map, but can't find anything to confirm this)
  • relics - i could care less about, it doesn't feel like they do much. (Only using 1 relic at the moment that seems fun, maybe that because i can actually see the effects)
  • challenge mode- nope don't care. (i accept its a thing but, blah blah snore)
  • the armors in the wiz vault - nope don't seem worth it at all to get.

What new things am i doing in this release?? just gotta add convergences to the rotation, and grind inner nayos though i really dont want too. that's it pretty much. I'm already tired of the new map unlike at this time with Amnytas and Skyland I had more things to do in them. 😞

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