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Anybody else find the Kryptis Essence Extractor buff a bit clunky?

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If you have the Convergence mastery learned, upon completing a covergence, your character gets a 6-hour buff that allows that character to get more essences when using motivations.

I can't afford motivations on a regular basis, so until I can get motivations, I have to bench that character and not even log on that character so that the buff won't run down. Once I have the motivations, I have to use the character that has the buff if I want to benefit from the buff. As somebody who rotates dozens of characters, this is not appealing.

How many more essences do you get from the buff? If it's only like 1 or 2 more essences per rift, I'd rather just ignore this buff than try to base my playstyle around this clunky buff.

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