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Main hand Mace [PvE balance]


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Why is Skullcrack just a straight up worse version of Earth shaker? 

It's single target, no finisher and does less dmg. 

550(1.5) Mace VS 807(2.0) Hammer. 

Makes no sense. 

Counterblow hits decently hard 734(2.0) but the flip over skill Adrenalin Rush is freaking 3! Adrenalin. What!?!?!?! 

Current Counterblow should be the flip over with a 50% dmg increase if a attack was blocked. Making it similar to Fierce Blow but with a harder to get activation condition. 

Also, the 1,4k barrier on Pommel Bash is cute. Like, really cute. I have no idea why it is even there. How about a 2k Barrier and double that when used against a difiant foe/ interrupt or something. 



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Skullcrack would be interesting if it functioned like Untamed Hammer 4. You strike 1 target for the stun and damage, and then a cascading aoe around it with 2 or 3 waves deals damage and maybe inflicts a debilitating condition. 

Counterblow needs to be a full block and the flipover should be used at will whether you block or not, If you block give it more damage like rev gs 4, 3 targets.

Pommel Bash should do more if it's the defensive part of the weapon. Double the barrier on interrupt and maybe reduce cooldowns on mace skills in both hands. 

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