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bump up mortar projectile velocity ples ?


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To be Fair, Mortar Is used almost exclusively in melee or to pressure on point from a far. It has a nice splash radius too, and i fear that many Will cry for Nerf if anet Speed up the projectile travel time to give It a chance against moving targets, and in that case, as we all know, the Nerf Hammer will gonna Ruin It for ages to come. Do not poke the hive!!! 

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8 hours ago, Corvolupo.5708 said:

You forget Overclock Signet, the weakest of the three but still meaty!

Yeah its useful for the resummon if the mech dies. But i wouldn't say for the damage. 

The e spec which really needs a better elite is scrapper. They try to make it a proper power spec but the only elite skill choice it has is the mortar kit, but the hammer autoattack deals literally more damage than all mortar kit skills. 

I d say mortar kit needs buffs damage-wise in pve. The pulsing fields need strike damage on all pulses, not just the Initial hit. The poison field poison needs a higher duration (3 Sec is nothing) and the blind field gets additional confusion on the first impact. 

Additionally give it a higher velocity as OP suggested and we have a nice elite skill for both condi and power in pve without having to rework any other elite skill.

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