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Localizations issues

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Since the launch of EoD or even since the lauch of IceBrood Saga, the non english speaking players have experience shaky localizations ar best. During pre launch of SotO, we had a message from the head of the localization team mentionning they would do their best to deliver quality localizations and this is not what is happening.

 I am a french player and the game having a good french localizations was a huge selling point to my friends and family but today, this is not the case. Of course, a lot of the early launch blunders are acceptable and were fixed (incorrect descriptions, mixed audio, etc...). But it has been 3 month since the launch and there is still a lot of places were the localization is either very poor (subtitle not corresponding to the audio, voice actors saying sorry and repeating their lines, charrs now having up to 3 different voice actors) or technical issues are still present. 

It has been a few days since the release of the second update, at laucnh, the very first piece of dialogue of the story was missing which is already a very poor sign to not notice the this dialogue is missing and it still IS MISSING despite numerous reports. Currently, I don't want to pursue the story and/or related content and I am not the only one in this case, despite us loving the game.

Do you intend to deliver quality localization anymore ?

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