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Just a hopeful for fun idea of next Expansions


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I know, we haven't got full version of this expansion yet. But with this SoTo, We have weapon uses across profession of a class, so in next expansions I hope we can freely mix armor type across the class types. Of course with advantages and disadvantages each armor type offers.

For example, medium armor set will be the standard stat each pieces, heavy will get more % bonus stat each pieces of the set but get penalty % of movement speed per piece. Light version will get penalty % stat each pieces of the set compare with the medium but get bonuses of % incoming boon duration per pieces. Full set of a type of armor will also get more bonuses , such as adding 300 vitality when character equip 6 pieces of heavy armor, +300 ferocity for medium ones and +300 healing power for light ones  e.t.c 

Obviously, a class type like warrior/guard/rev (heavy class type) already wear heavy armor as their basic so they must have advantages when continue using this type of armor  like reducing the penalty % of movement speed each heavy pieces. Maybe add  personal mastery to class type to identify class type armor. 

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