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Wizards' Vault and complaining about free stuff

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Wizards' Vault is interesting mechanic, however there are several inperfection which could be improved:

  1. 1 day to reset was a LIE all along. There was some miscomunication, or lack of any communication about what exacly happens with objectives during patch. Some ppl made the decisions to spend AP according to what was written. Which overall wasnt big loss, but left wrong impression. The ingame announcments could match reality closer. And the idea of end of season having extra round of objetives is interesting, as you can always do one last attempt to get some missing reward from old season.
  2. Same legendaries. With only 4 legendary options, repeating 2 of them lacks variety. It would be more interesting if at first there was full rotation among leendaries before any repeticion happens. Some ppl want to dual wield bolts good for them, but they could also wait for their dualwielding dream.
  3. Ascended 2h weapon masterace have it easier with ascended weapon pack which is limited to 1 per season, which is good if you play two handed weapon chad, but worse if you need 2 weapons. There could be 2 weapons per season, and 3 armour pieces. So dualwielders ware not missing that extra slot for infusion.
  4. Longer season, same rewards. AN should count the limit of WV per 4 weeks and then multiply it for lenght of season. Same for AP limit per season. So if the season last 12 weeks 60 mystic coin and 15000AP limit is ok, but if the season is 16 weeks, then the new limit should be 80 coins, and 20000AP. With opposite change if the season last only 8 weeks. This applies to all other rewards.
  5. Material Bag V is a NOOB TRAP. It sounds as something potencially useful, and unlike shards newcommers may even know what it is, but it is very bad deal. As value of th ebag is like 025 gold, so you would be better buying gold 30ap and then matterials. Generally bags III and IV are needed more as it is to high for starting zone, not high enought for endagme. One option is to introduce all 6 bags with discounted price 10AP but some limit per season.
  6. What about unlimited laurens? Generally system could be more interesting with both discounted and unlimited laurens. Laurens could be spend on different things, and some are interesting. So event if someone dont even need gold, could take laurens and buy fun features.
  7. The lack of reward imagination is disturbing. There could be some more fun items. Like Teleport to the friend. Limited key to lion chest.
  8. Build limit without gear limit has no use. I dont even question build templates as it could potencially be useful. However if i have special build for heal berzerker meta (with staff), i need gear for that, the one with staff for starter and ideally with harrier or cleric stats.
  9. The presentacion of items in vault could be cleaner and better organized. I mean lets first list all currencies. Then all materials. Then all whole items. Then account options, then one time gizmos, then skins. Right now there is some chaos.
  10. When buying in builk, there could be higher options than 5. Especially with laurens, or gold, we might want to buy 25 coppies at once.
  11. The amount of transmutacion tokens could be higher than 30. To change our look we need 8 tokens (with weapon), so it could run out very quickly, in the same time, we cant use transmutacion charges for powercreep or breaking economy.

I hope this small list will be useful, and neccessery changes will be implemented in next season.

There is even more possible improvments, and maybe other players will post them here on in other topics.

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