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[EU Player] LF a small and cozy casual guild of mature players to make friends with!

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Hello everyone!

I'm a casual veteran player who's been playing the game on and off for quite some years, and now I'm looking to get up to date with SoTO and, maybe fulfill my dream of crafting the legendary sword Sunrise once and for all! 😛 

I mostly play PvE but, I'm also open to starting WvW at some point since I've never played it much and I think it's time I give it a chance since I've always considered it really cool. The Alliance system is perfect since the server does not matter anymore. 

The thing is, I have a busy adult life with a full-time job, duties, trying to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and so on, so my time for playing is very limited. I’d say it’s best during the weekends and very casual since I'd still need some room for other things. I am a mostly social player, so for me, the point of playing an online game is connecting with people, so no matter if it's a short time, my objective would always be to connect with people as much as possible. 

For that reason,  I'm looking for like-minded mature players who will resonate with this and would like to experience the game together for the sake of making connections rather than completion. And who knows, maybe also sparking a new long-lasting friendship!

If you like this idea and consider yourself another "casual/social boomer" gamer like me, drop a comment and let me know if you'd like to connect! 

Thanks for reading.


PS. Any spiritual people? Spiritual gamers? I am! It would be dope if we could share those interests too, haha. 

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