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EoD Act 1 Convergence → Old Friends → Outreach -- broken part

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OK, I don't know what is going on here, but 
EOD Act 1    Convergence → Old Friends → Outreach 
"Dodge five attacks in a row from Trainer Stone Fist."

1 -- why in god's name is this not counted like the other two, so you know where you are in any given sequence? 
2 -- I'm assuming when it says "x in a row", it means without failing... This is a particularly good reason for needing counting as suggested by "1". If it's supposed to be "easy", as I would have expected, then there is something wrong with it. I have spent literally an HOUR trying to get it to pass.
3 -- I'm seeing about a 90%+ failure rate on the effective dodge. The spell effect appears on the ground, along with the sound, I hit dodge, and it does NOT say "evaded". Even small delays in dodging aren't sufficient, this seems to need ridiculously exact timing. I don't get any damage, so clearly, I actually DODGED the spell/attack, but it refuses to give credit for it.

I also noted the same lack of acking when doing the related heart, as well. I didn't care as much regarding  that because I just did other things. Since you can't progress on the story without it, this appears to be totally broken, as-is. The timing requirements are WAY WAY too fiddly, if it's a lag issue (and no, I have not had any kind of noted major issue with lag, so, while there may be some, it's not enough to be the whole issue here, or should not be.).


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This requires you to not be hit for 5 attacks in a row. You don't actually have to use dodge to evade the attacks. There are 2 attacks that are obvious with telegraphed areas, and 2 that aren't. For the 2 less obvious, 1 is a quick kick (~1s to avoid) and the other is a shockwave that you can jump over.

If you think it's not working, you're likely being hit by the quick kick or are stepping outside the ring, which resets it.

The easiest thing to do is stand right next to the guy, keeping within the inner ring. Whenever he finishes an attack / turns to face you, simply run through him to avoid the attack. If you see a circle line start to expand outwards from him, wait for the line to fade once it reaches the edge of the outer ring, then jump to avoid the shockwave.

There's a counter where your boons are to show how many times you've avoided being hit in a row.

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Thanks, this was far from obvious from the overall description, as was the fact that for some weird reason the tracking is handled utterly differently from the other two elements of the quest. 😔

I was using a dodge which often took me outside the "arena".

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