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Please make Holosmith being able to pick things up in Holoforge consistent


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Hi, holo main here.


I'm just making this topic to vent a little bit, because I'm super tired of having to guess when I can or cannot interact or pick up stuff while using holoforge. It's so frustrating, it keeps breaking my flow, and it's impossible to guess when it's going to happen because it's not even consistent across the entire game — on top of forcing me to sacrifice a chunk of my gameplay if I'm supposed to grab stuff, yet the forge gets in the way of that.

Worst example of that I have in mind, right now, is the Jade Maw boss. Not only do I have to keep hitting things to do my job, but I have to constantly be wary that the Maw might target me, which means I have to deliberately never use my forge if I don't want to die because I dare press F5 to use my elite spec.


Please, please take the time to get rid of this outdated restriction. It's already done in more recent areas of the game. Allow us holosmiths to grab stuff when we're just playing our class the way it's intended. Heck - do it for all classes that have a transformation-based skillset that does not remove their hands. I don't expect a tornado to grab jade chunks or whatever, but stop punishing us for playing the game how we're meant to due to something that has been fixed now, and just needs to be applied everywhere it's needed.

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Have experienced problems with interactive contents of all sort (even for Rifts closing) on Specter's Shadow Shroud but didn't play Holo enough to be subject to it on that spec. I guess it happens inconsistently with any shroud-typed mechanic, which the Forge seems based on too. Normally it wouldn't make me hope for a fix any time soon but they finally fixed dungeons so anything is possible 🤷‍♂️

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