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Positive Synergies {SOUL} is recruiting!

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Positive Synergies[SOUL] is recruiting!| 800+ Members | Raids: Training & Progression | Fractals | Strike Missions | PVE | WvW ~ Eredon Terrace | Discord | Friendly & Supportive ~ Beginners & Experienced Welcome!

  1. Positive Synergies[SOUL] is recruiting! We are currently at 800-900 members split between 2 Guilds!
  2. We have been going strong for 4 years now and have members active at all hours of the day and night but our events are centered around daily reset.
    Most events occur an hour after daily reset with some earlier on the weekends.
  3. We have a large raiding community with a focus on providing a fun, safe and non-toxic environment for new raiders. We currently train Raids twice a week with some additional sporadic trainings thrown in once in awhile.
  4. We currently have 10 Raid Statics formed up and just formed up an 11th recently.
  5. All members are welcome to put up a progression in our discord whenever they wish as well as any other event they want to do with others.
  6. Our members also do Fractals: T1-T4 & we have some that do CM Fractals.
  7. We run WvW from the Eredon Terrace Server Saturday & Sunday Evenings and many evenings you'll find some of us out there as well. 
  8. Strike Missions are done frequently and we also have a Strike CM Static formed up!
  9. For those who just love General PVE, we have a lot of people that do metas, are still playing through the stories and doing all of the regular content as well. We get a lot of new and returning players and welcome them with open arms.
  10. We have a very friendly and active Discord Community!  We are Friendly & Supportive group of individuals with no rep requirement but if you are doing events with us we encourage all to rep with us at that time. We welcome Beginner, Experienced & Returning Players.

    If you have any other questions or would like an invite please send me a mail in-game: Angelz.9713
    Happy Gaming!
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