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Suggestion: Bullet Catcher- Add a delay period after the channel to allow use of Defiant Roar instead of instantly going on cooldown


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My one issue with channel chain skills like this, is that it limits the full use of the skill since the secondary skill is based on the channeling of the first, yet if you fully channel the first, the skill goes on full cooldown without allowing use of the secondary skill. Which prevents ever getting the max out the secondary skill. And for Support Skills, thats a big issue.          

I have a simple QOL solution to this design. 

Just put a small skill flip delay at the end of the channel skill in the chain, which will allow the player to activate the secondary skill before or after the channel is over. This way player can still choose to prematurely activate the secondary but can also choose to use the full channel to get the most out of it and still use the secondary chain. 

Like other chain skills, using a different skill would interrupt the chain like normal. 

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