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Catching the kegs - Wayfarer Foothills Heart (Help Kevach maintain his lodge)

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This is a continuation of the previous thread, posted  January 17, 2019 which was closed.

It is still impossible to catch the kegs, making the only way to complete the heart waiting for buckets to spawn and then waking drunken patrons. Not a big deal, since there are plenty of water buckets around, but still glitched.


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There was one glorious day a few months back that it worked for me. It was amazing. I stood there catching kegs over and over, not believing that a bug(?) in game since at or near launch was finally fixed.

Then the next time I tried it was back to "normal". I wish I knew what had happened that day and could reproduce the cocktail of coincidences that briefly aligned.

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Tanek, I can confirm something similar - one random day some months ago while mapping that zone I got it working.  Very surprising, I recall it even gave some decent heart progress!

Then a week or so ago I'd noticed it stopped working again.  T'was nice while it lasted, I suppose

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