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How to use Relic of Dagda?

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I am trying to use Relic of Dagda using warrior's Signet of Rage, but nothing happens. I tried both melee range as well as ranged distance, but absolutely nothing happens on activation of the elite skill. What am I doing wrong?

OK, so I figured it out. The description is all kittened up and the relic is buggy:

1. It will NOT activate if you are out of combat, you need to enter combat first. Non-attack elite skills (which is most of them) will not put you into the combat so the relic won't proc.

2. It will NOT attack your target. It will ALWAYS attack the nearest mob. If you have a target and there's even just a sparkfly next to you, it will attack the sparkfly.

Video for a proof. The blue ray is the Relic of Dagda effect: 



This is embarrassing.

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