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Web / GW2 news feed - Not including latest news post

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The news feed for the main GW2 website doesn't seem to be working properly -- it's always one item behind?


At this moment, the latest post on guildwars2.com is "Create Otherworldly Bonds when Revenants Brandish Scepters". However, the feed's latest post is "Staff Warriors Bring Frontline Support to the Heat of the Battle".

I'm not exactly sure when this happened. I noticed I was seeing the previous weapon announcement show up as new in my feed reader when the next one was posted last week?

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I confirmed that the warrior post, instead of the scepter post, was the latest item in the feed about one hour before before today's "Rifle Mesmers Direct Allies to the Nearest Emergency Exit" post.

As soon as today's post went up, "Create Otherworldly Bonds when Revenants Brandish Scepters" was added to the feed. The mesmer post is not listed.

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In the scheme of things, it is minor but it makes the RSS feed kinda worthless with these daily profession updates.

To describe the issue, we have theses links: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/ and https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/ which shows the latest news on the website. There is an RSS link at the bottom of each page (https://www.guildwars2.com/en/feed/) that many use (or bots use) to get updates on GW2 news.  

The current post on the website has not been in the RSS feed most of the week. For example, today on the website, we see the new the Engi update post.  The bot in our Discord that uses the RSS just ping us with the Elementalist pistol post. When I click on the RSS feed, I see the Elementalist post on top and the Engi post is not there.

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