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Why is it Trajectory on my Ausura fell short vs that on a Human toon.


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I was standing outside Garrison wall, killing Mortar when another  player standing next to me  happens to also be using the Elite Mortar kit as well, when I notice that My mortar is falling short , only hitting the wall at the half way mark, this other player is hitting the Mortar right on the wall. they have a higher angle trajectory.  Is it just me or does anyone else on Asura notice this.? I will update this when I get a video. or a willing human , a willing norn to do an experiment.

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I’m curious, though I do wonder if you just weren’t targeting the right spots.  Mortar on walls is a bit funky, basically to hit things on top you want the target area on top.  Finding and angle that allows this can be tricky.  Angling along the wall and shooting at an angle is usually best.  I’ll usually have to fish around for my angle to get the pesky siege.


and I usually play asura.

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