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Dungeons: remove story requirement for explorable mode

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Please, remove the characters’ requirement to complete the story mode of a dungeon first, before they can open explorable mode.

This restriction dates back, then dungeons were hot stuff and the only instanced group content in PvE. Nowadays, dungeons are (almost) dead content and it gets even harder to do them with alt characters, since I can’t open the instance.

Either make the requirement a one-time, account-wide thing or remove it completely.

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I helped someone with story mode few days back and it took both of us like 10 mins and it was one new player and me with open world build. There will be issue with dungeon rush when some ppl would like to do it with watching cutscenes and slowly with other type of ppl just rush it.

I hope that everyone write it in their LFG description or there will be a lot friction.

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3 hours ago, Ashantara.8731 said:

Or make all story mode instances soloable story missions.

That’s an excellent idea. I’ve done Arah story before and after the update: Solo Arah was more fun, because I could focus on the story. And since the personal story expects you to do the dungeons (at least the NPC are referring to the events), solo story modes would be perfect for the core game experience.

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