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Restorative Mantras & All´s Well That End Well


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So I want to put my idea for those two REALLY INCONVINIENT traits. Even with the upcoming "support rifle" we dont know if we will get enough reactive healing. With the 28th November patch we have decent over time healing with regen and summoning illusions but I am really not sure if that is enough to make mesmer a competitor to other good heal builds. With two small changes to both restorative mantra and AWTEW(All´s Well That End Well), these traits actually become WAY more convinient AND would open mesmer the gate to become a solid healer.

I would suggeest a heal on channeling and smaller heals on using a charge. Currently, you either burn your utility in order to set it on full recharge so you can channel and heal again or you can't heal. And then were is interactions like mantra of pain charges, which you cant even put on rechannel without having a target at all, so in some situations there you want more healing out of rechanneling you can't even use that mentra because you can't get rid of the charges - water phase at sunqua for example.

All´s Well That End Well: I mean that the heck? People first need to stay in that well and then you also have to precast it 3 seconds in advance.... Why dont make it the same way as the dmg on wells work? so basically smaller healing pulses and a bigger one at the end. The current version of this trait is just inconvient.

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