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Solo q the morning is a pur agony.

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There's absolutly no one left in this game, so you have animals in your team... Complete degenerated people with absolutly no game knowledge or wathever, no map awarness, nothing... They die everywhere, do zero damage, come in the middle of the node eating all the damage in the world and die in less than 20sec after the start, they rally bot everytimes the ennemys you just killed.

Complete uncarriables games, where people start afk after the first fight they loose... You loose the game ? BIM, get juked and eat your -25pts, and if ever you win, cause you did absolutly everything, kills, stomp, rez, decap, cap, absolutly everything, you only win 6ptns ...............
How is it fair ?! How are we supposed to keep our sanity in such a rigged system ?? How are we not supposed to be salty after complete uncarrayble game like that plz tell me.

Competitiv is dead, completly dead.. Unless you play in duo q and carry the game on your shoulders, they're is absolutly nothing to do in solo at this hour of the day. I am so mad, I know I am not the best player and I'll never be, but still, this is disgustingly unfair, there is just absolutly nothing to do, that's why it's so frustrating btw.

Stupid MMR, don't wonder why every players left in this game play on alt account..

Fix your stupid system plz, I beg you Anet.

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Yup, players nowadays are literally worse than bots, like way worse. Ull have thieves full capping 10 feet away from a teammate in a 1v1 and will just stand on cap. Ull have teammates that literally die 15 times or more every match while u may die once. Ull get almost all top stats etc. Every 6 matches or so u stomp but most time u get teamates that don't even kno common sense. Just how it is these days in gw2, just gotta accept it lol.

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of course, if you log in and see 2 duos online you can log out cuz if you g3+ you likely to play against one of them everymatch cuz they are q dodging each other for free rating

so ppl will either meme with alt accounts till they lose 2 or not even play it

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